Two beautiful water front properties on the


Gulf of Fonseca, Cosiguina, Nicaragua

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Details About the Properties

Los Placeres y Sapasmapa

Possible Usages: Eco Resort, Bank Property for Trust Portfolio, Farming.

The properties lie on the edge of the Cosiguina Reserve area. Los Placeres incorporates dry forest in the foothills of Cosiguina volcano and runs down to flat plain on the cliff top oceanfront. Access to a ‘gun metal’ sand beach below the cliffs, with views of the Los Farallones Islands and mountains of El Salvador and the Honduran Coast across the Gulf of Fonseca.This property represents some of the best value land with oceanfront we have found.

The area was recently designated an area of special tourism. Public infrastructure is in the process of being improved to this stunningly beautiful and unspoilt area. Primarily a ‘buy-and-hold’ opportunity, Los Placeres is located about 4 hours from Managua in the furthest corner of north-eastern Nicaragua.

The properties overlook the stunning tri-frontier Gulf of Fonseca with its calm waters, volcanic islands and views of Honduras and El Salvador.This area is primarily an ecological wilderness and the slopes of Cosiguina Volcano abound with wildlife, rare birds and interesting flora. The beaches provide excellent nesting for sea turtles and five different species occur in this area.

The land rises from uninterrupted golden and grey sand beaches to forested heights with stunning ocean views in the backland. The ocean front area rises steeply in some places and yet gives excellent access to the beach in other places. Eco-luxury, adventure tourism and spa market is fast growing, in fact, the spa industry recently overtook golf in terms of dollar value; breaking the $20 billion mark in the US.

An overall master plan is being conceived for the area. This is a ground floor opportunity to acquire a large block of land for investment. Infrastructure is being installed to the area and a boutique, eco-luxury retreat hotel would be welcome and profitable given this world class and unique location.

Peanuts and many other crops are grown in this area and these properties are mostly flat lands that would be perfect for agricultural purposes.

Real Estate Planned for the area:

  • Forest & Wilderness Lots, Reforestation & Farms
  • Eco-Lodge, Bush Camps & Wilderness Centre
  • Gulf of Fonseca Spa and Three Frontiers Sunyata
  • Yoga and Wellness Centre
  • Rental Program.

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